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More Smiles


A somewhat cheesy grin from Miss Scott. Was she perhaps over-playing it here? It’s difficult to see where this shot was taken and from which set it came (it looks like a shot in the dark!). Anne’s skirt is up and her top is off so there’s great promise here. But she knew the value of a smile all too well and was ever ready with one.

One of the recent comments on Louise Crawford claims she was possibly slightly ashamed of doing the pictures. I would say she was not the least bit ashamed, quite the opposite in fact. She knew what she was doing and was well up for it, as were all the published Bearsden gals. Let’s not forget they all came back for seconds, thirds, in most cases plenty times more. In well documented instances, some went further than was originally published (and I reckon possibly even further privately). How the likes of Louise came to pose for Mr F  — and who she actually was — is the question we would all like answered and which we will almost certainly never have. However, I can quite imagine Louise was a sexy girl who had no qualms about showing her knickers and stocking tops for a few bob in a small magazine you’d hide away from the missus.