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Is It Or Isn’t It?


Well I was going to wrap up the vacuum cleaner series today before taking a short break but I’ve put that on hold to next weekend because there was no way I could not post a scan of this old pic which popped up in yesterday’s paper to illustrate an article about the Co-op. A pound to a penny that’s our Marilyn on the right and if it isn’t then it’s got to be her twin sister. It is of course well established she moved onĀ alongside her Miss GB triumph and ended up as eye candy on It’s A Knockout. She also had her boutique to run (which of course popped up in a rather awkward S&S set with possible pal Pauline Gorvan) and this particular picture would seem to prove she undertook more “respectable” modelling and promotional assignments after she had hung up her Toco hat. It does also show what a simply radiant gorgeous girl she was and you may think I’m completely off my trolley I think this suits her more than Spick and Span. Although she was quite prolific for Mr Howard, Marilyn never quite did it for me in the S&S context. She didn’t come across “dirty” like Anne Scott or her chum Liz Harvey, for example. But I appreciate all things are subjective. What we do know is once she hit the limelight, Marilyn’s stocking tops days were well over. Back in a few days.