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Hosiery inspection reversed. In this instance the younger girl’s dress somehow seems to have slipped off. The look of mock shock is not utterly convincing. The lack of heels again minimises the impact. But then she looks the bigger of the two and maybe the smudger wanted to keep a sense of proportion.

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Not Spick and Span but arguably Spick and Span in content. This is from one of the more low-rent pocket books of the day and I will be posting a new picture each day as the sequence unfolds. The mini-dresses betray the period and the girl on the left is wearing fishnets which weren’t exactly an everyday accompaniment to that Sixties fashion item. We can just glimpse the other girl is also wearing stockings of a more everyday nature but which also would have been unlikely to have been worn with such an outfit. Shades of KH here. The sloppiness of the photographer is also revealed by the fact the second girl is minus heels which would have given her evidently nice legs more come-on appeal.

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Since the last incarnation of this blog the Girlie-Zine site underwent a bit of a revamp, though the e-zine format remains the same and it is drawing on the same vast well of pics essentially from the old Beautiful Brits and Kirsty’s Korner sites. One of the most recent titles is an e-mag called Giggle which is basically two dollies in full-on Spick and Span mode. The second one features this little honey who I recall being called Julie and who popped up (and almost out!) in both BB and KK on several occasions. I don’t think I need to express just how lovely she is and how willing she is to present that loveliness. She did a whole clutch of beautiful S&S-style photos in this fashion and I am informed they will find their way into future Girlie-Zine publications. Julie remains one of my favourites of the so-called contemporary Spick and Span girls and to my mind this curvalicious display ticks all the requisite boxes. Girlie-Zine is at

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Andrea Kaye was a handsomely-built late-period Howard model who I think appeared only outdoors, mostly fully unfettered in what could have been just the one shoot. Ken revives the picnic theme and in true Howard bizarre fashion he accompanies stockings with hot pants and the ubiquitous boots. The point of the photo here, however, is Andrea’s lovely bust and cleavage and the low tight-fitting garment displays it amply. The phallic vacuum flask pointing upwards at her chest was probably more by accident than design!

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An old cutting, probably from the News Of The World, found at the bottom of the filing cabinet. Not Toco obviously, but, my, did she have all the right credentials to have looked very lovely in Spick and Span. Was she a young innocent duped by some celebrity ne’er-do-well? Or a bad girl snaring some unsuspecting fool? Possibly neither! But she knew how to pose for a very fetching photograph.


Well here she is and once again at her absolute finest. In my opinion she was without peer the number one Spick and Span girl and her willingness and enthusiasm to pose for dirty pictures shone through in everything she did. More than any of her lovely contemporaries she looked the most likely to wank or blow you off at the end of the photo shoot (I would not put Jane Paul in that category, for example). Ann was an astonishing find by the enviable Shaw — however, like all the others she did not seem to stick around for too long. We can only speculate as to the reasons why, just as we can only speculate how compliant she might have been with the panting lensman. Shaw’s tenure as smudger in chief at Toco did come to an abrupt end. As I’ve argued countless times before, if anyone supplying S&S deserved the moniker pornographer it was him. And his conveyor belt of ready subjects willing to get half or even most of their kit off in his suburban home or out in the remote countryside was quite staggering, given this was 50-plus years ago. We can only but assume Shaw took his secrets to the grave some while ago. Was he the “Fiona Cooper” of the day or the model of utmost professionalism and tact?


First up, this is not a Spick and Span picture and second, yes, I found it online. It features another top 1960s nudie icon (and Carry On fixture) Margaret Nolan (aka Vicky Kennedy), who I recall didn’t feature in any of the Toco publications. The crass airbrushing is not mine. Why there is a cover-up operation going on, I have no idea. However, the reason for my inclusion of the photo here is that the style and setting are pure S&S, despite Margaret’s obvious complete unadulterated exposure. The low-rent kitchen could easily be the one in which Anne Scott had disrobed to her skimpy smalls so disgustingly for Shaw and in which Melanie Cooper exposed her beautiful legs and stocking tops for (we assume) Howard. The knickers, suspender belt and stockings add to the behind-closed-doors, backstreet furtive fetishistic appeal and Margaret’s top has been deliberately yanked up to seal the dirty contract.