Unquestionably one of the best of the 1950s S&S pin-up queens was the gorgeous Judy Rodger, who did a number of beautiful sets exclusively for Toco between 1955 and 1958. She was of course pin-up “plus” who paraded her lovely legs not merely as a pretty girl to brighten up your day from the pages of your favourite national newspaper, say. but as a knowing siren totally aware of what the sight of those pins in nylons and high heels were doing to you from inside the covers of a little magazine of dubious intent. Not once but on several occasions. Toco more or less substantiated this when they implied you shouldn’t get too carried away because “Judy’s over-the-shoulder look is merely a mute enquiry as to whether her seams are straight”. Nothing to do with whether you have got your old chap out, of course!


Mrs Gee showing rather a delightful shape in her undies, stockings and suspenders in the privacy of her bedroom. In the second shot she squeezes her arms further in to emphasis her cleavage. Not sure about the panda but there you go. But no question the mature-looking Mrs G was a very knowledgeable proposition.


The Canadian connection was something celebrated in Spick and Span with the likes of Pamela Johnston reportedly heading out there to make a new life and Lisa Scott and Wanda Liddell coming in the return direction. This lady, Mrs Jean Gee (perhaps just the initial of her real surname?), was one of the “lovely ladies” who were invited to submit their own photos for publication (two guineas being paid for the pictures) and was an English woman living in Ontario. It is interesting Toco claims the photos were sent in by the subject herself and not the photographer, in this case undoubtedly her husband. This image, taken in 1959, could be prototype Shaw. The car is parked on a quiet country road where Mrs G gives you a private look at her legs, stocking tops, slip and knickers. A lovely lady indeed!

Daily Dolly

Although it’s not the real mccoy, I must say one’s Spick and Span yearnings are met by the Daily Dolly feature on the Girlie-Zine site. One can get up in the morning knowing there’s another S&S-type pic to be savoured even though it’s of the contemporary hue (albeit with a smattering of genuine old pics from the period). For anyone who missed some or any of the first 150 Daily Dollies they are now available for download in a movie slideshow presentation at the usual GZ e-zine or video clip price. The busty little honey Coral is one of my favourite (and one of the most prolific) of the later Beautiful Brits girls and she closes out the slideshow with this joyous little gem. What could her expression of surprise and anticipation mean as she kneels expectantly down! Answers on a postcard please. (Girlie-Zine is at http://www.girliezine.co.uk and my thanks to them for the authority to print this pic).


Final look at Fullarton for the while and a lady who would not exactly be in the forefront of most minds when it comes to recalling Spick and Span. Doreen Bailey, however, was the epitome of girl-next-door glamour and could easily have been an early “reader’s wife” which let’s face it was the essential S&S appeal. Short skirt (ruffled up?), high heels, stockings and suspenders, tops and straps peeking out from under the hem, Doreen’s cheeky knowing smile. No classic beauty, but a nice dirty girl. Doreen proves that like Shaw and Howard after him, Fullarton cast his net wide in the quest for willing wank dollies and that attitude and accessibility were more important than film star looks.

Nikki And Sandra

For some reason, gorgeous though she undoubtedly was, Fullarton’s blonde discovery Sandra McPherson never really rang my bell, but that certainly wasn’t the case with her lovely tarty chum Nikki St John. Nikki, like Janette Goodman resplendent in her beehive hairdo, was one of the finest knowing pouters (as well as gigglers) to have graced S&S. This scan is from a justifiable 12-page classic DIY spread at the heart of Span Extra Summer 1961 which rivals Jackie and Diane’s Swing Me Girlie legs’n’stocking tops fiesta as a mega wank come-on. Nikki goes through the full range of teasing looks right up to the take-a-tumble finale and Fullarton extracts maximum mileage out of the upskirt opportunities presented by his little cameo. It was a pity Nikki turned out to be only a minor player in the S&S rollcall as she had all the attributes to be an all-time top tenner.

Jackie And Diane

Nothing to do with the John Mellencamp song of course, Jackie Leyton and Diane McCall were two of Fullarton’s finest combinations. Here this spoof greeting (undies, suspenders, heels), both girls squeezed onto an upturned bucket, is a typically nutty S&S contrivance which both lovelies ham up to the max. Notably the two lassies featured in the Swing Me Girlie duo giggle which was one of JBF’s most glorious stocking tops and legs wank fests. Which Misses L and M embraced with total relish!