Back Again!

I am sorry for the delay in returning to this blog to outline my future plans. Truth be told I have not been in very good health but I am more or less on the mend so I thought it time to turn my attention to it again. It would appear readers are still checking into the blog for new updates so it would seem worth my while not disappointing them. Having said that I have given its future direction considerable thought and I cannot be persuaded away from the conviction in the absence of any new revelations there is little more to be said about all things Toco.  So I plan to start up a new blog of a marginally-related theme which I believe will be of some appeal to Spick and Span aficionados. And I will not be abandoning S&S completely, though please don’t expect much in the way of not-seen-before material. I intend to start work on it over the weekend and with a bit of luck I’ll be up and running in the next couple of days. The link will be posted here.


Ruth “bares”. This could be once again a parting shot. I don’t think there really is much more ground to cover. It’s all be said and done. However, I might give consideration to taking this blog in a slightly different direction (while remaining true to the All Things… theme). I will give it my thought over this bank holiday weekend. I will make my pronouncement in the next couple of days. So keep watching this space.


Another busty little dolly and from the pantheon of Beautiful Brits greats was the delightful Chrissie. This cover pic from an edition of the Pic & Pan e-zines at the Girlie-Zine site was from one of her very earliest sets and shows her absolutely stunning shape. The image — taken Shaw-like from down below looking up — is full of anticipation as to the “Spick and Span” images inside and there are plenty of them! Right from the get-go Chrissie staked her claim as an S&S natural and she backed it up with thousands of delectable pics into her older years. Many of them featured her in just her smalls, both indoors and out, to capitalise on those wonderful curves. She rarely disappointed (as a later edition of Pic & Pan also reveals). Girlie-Zine is at


I mentioned in my next to last post that busty little blonde Coral had become one of the leading lights over at Beautiful Brits and lo and behold she popped up yesterday in a second part of an earlier update. I think there is no question that this image (which forms part of a concluding sequence to the set) shows Coral at her best and as a fully paid-up contemporary ‘Spick and Span’ dolly. The little look of a mock surprise as the strap slips off her top needs no further explanation. Beautiful Brits is at


More classic Shaw and lovely Annette. Piled-up air and make-up, skirt and cardigan, evening gloves and high heels, plus sled dumped in the middle of nowhere, no snow. All in the service of creating dirty pictures, with Annette’s skirt up round her waist, showing you her stocking tops and knickers and that lovely behind of hers. Nice furtive goings-on in Toco-land.

Coral, Suzy and Nikki

There’s something about three on a sofa. Here’s another from the Beautiful Brits back catalogue no longer available. Gorgeous busty little blonde Coral in the foreground has of course become one of the leading lights of the current Beautiful Brits with a whole succession of zip-busting “S&S” displays. The same could be said of her chum Suzy in the middle during her now sadly long-since terminated tenure in which she showed off her lovely “Ruth Cavendish” pins (and like Coral a bit more) to equally devastating effect. The third girl Nikki was brought along for a couple of rides and though not quite in the same league as the other two acquitted herself well. The expressions on the faces tell you all you need to know as the trio produced a glorious Spick and Span leg-wank sequence as they munched and giggled their way through chocolate Easter eggs, knowing you’re watching. Hopefully the full set will be re-available shortly. Beautiful Brits at